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> no qy to know, I brought 20 with me to the set, in Quebec.  I am going
>> tonight to see the movie.
> I guess the cat's out of the bag now.
> The movie people contacted us a year or two ago. They wanted 3 kazillion
> IBM PCs. We told them we had some and had access to more, but not 3
> kazillion. But we didn't want to lose the opportunity, so we partnered with
> a smaller museum in Canada (near where they filmed) and also with Bill
> directly. We came up with the 3 kazillion units. Bill delivered them and
> brought them back. It was one heck of a project!

FYI - the small museum fell through, at least as far as the IBM PCs go.
These were all MARCH-supplied units.

If anyone is in the south western Phila region I plan to go to the movie
tonight. There is a 3d showing at the Regal Brandywine TownCenter @ 7PM.
I'd love to meet anyone who's interested in seeing the movie tonight.  It
should be a good movie.

I was on set for a couple of days, I saw everything...I was Magneto's
circular control room, the Cerebrum, the mansion, the Egyptian pyramid,
everything.  I ate lunch with the crew.  Other than US customs attempting
to return with it was a lot of fun.  I have not been allowed to say
anything until the movie came out..Hard to keep this all a secret.  whew
glad I can spill the beans now.

Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists should be in the credits at the end,
watch for it.

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