[vcf-midatlantic] Considering a sale: Amiga 1200 / TRS-80 Model II

David Hoelzer dhoelzer at enclaveforensics.com
Sun Nov 6 13:49:36 EST 2016

Oh… Two more things… A photo of the Amiga:

The case was painted sometime in the past, but it appears to have been a *very* good job.  Looks new.

TRS-80:  I also have a “Hans-01” TRS-80 Model II bus-to-PATA-IDE controller card that comes with it.  I bought the boards, but I never had the time to get the parts and build the boards out.  All together I think they are fewer than 15 components.

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I am seriously thinking about further reducing my collection here.  These are not rescues… I need to recoup some of my investment in them.  What sort of interest is there in:

Amiga 1200:
Wonderful condition.  Includes an Indivision ECS for DVI output and a PATA->CF adapter with a CF card already built and installed.  It further has an ACA1233 accelerator running at 40 MHz  (with a 68030 processor) that has been modded to include a 68882 co-processor and a stack of RAM… I’d have to fire it up to let you know how much; I honestly don’t remember.  Does not currently have a floppy drive in it but I’m confident that I have a drive floating around here.  I seem to remember that the floppy bracket is missing, which is why I don’t have one in there right now.   Includes an Amiga mouse, of course.

TRS-80 Model II
I have put a *lot* of time and effort into restoring and getting this beast working.  It is now working just fine.  The Shugart drive in it is (or was, last I fired it up last year) fully functional.  Comes with a spare Shugart drive which I had repaired and which was functioning, but I haven’t powered that up in at least two years.  Also comes with a stack (Looking at the shelf where they sit, so I’m just guessing here, but it looks to be at least 100) 8” floppies, some of which are fine, others are likely not, given their age.  I also have the original owner’s manual for it still in the original big brown binder.  The only things inside of the chassis that isn’t original (aside from replaced SRAM chips and such) are the power supply and the cooling fan.  The original would have been way too difficult to repair, so I worked out the connector and installed a modern power supply inside.  As for the fan, if you’ve ever owned one of these, you will think that it doesn’t work when you power it on if there’s no floppy in it because the thing is so quiet. :)  Made life in my office a much happier place when it still lived in here.  Keyboard is fully functional.  While the case is in excellent condition (don’t remember any cracks and certainly no missing bits), Tandy did skimp on the construction of these cases.  Lifting the thing up will almost always dislodge some element of the case.  I found that, whenever I moved it, it was necessary to loosen up the case screws and reseat everything to make it fit properly.

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