[vcf-midatlantic] Suggestions? East XII keynoters

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Thanks for the link to your page.

I did something similar , though  not as good, with a radio shack color 
computer and a teletype. I mounted a light bulb and a photo cell to the 
teletype carriage. then taped a photograph to the TTY paper and spaced over 
the picture reading the reflections via the joystick port.
I divided the readings into about 7 bins and used various characters from . 
to $ to print out the picture. From across the room they looked pretty good. 
Someone with a TTY machine might like to do it for VCF.


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On Sun, 6 Nov 2016, Evan Koblentz wrote:

>>> While I've seen much discussion about suggested speakers, I've seen
> ZERO feedback on my suggestion of Sam Harbison.  Was there a silent vote
> taken?
> Not at my main email right now; what was it that he did again?

    Sam was one of the ASCII overstrike art pioneers.  His name is on
several of the large prints, such as Buzz Aldrin on the moon, and Spock
holding the Enterprise.  He was at Princeton in 1973.  See my ASCII Art
page for details:


    The last time I corresponded with him (2009), he was in Pittsburgh.
Here's a link to his C.V.:


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