[vcf-midatlantic] Last chance: Amiga 1200, TRS80 Model II, Mac Quicksilver

David Hoelzer dhoelzer at enclaveforensics.com
Wed Nov 9 16:36:05 EST 2016

Just a last-chance-before-eBay on these…If you’re interested, please let me know ASAP.  If it helps, I’m going to be driving from New York down to Washington, DC next Tuesday and would be willing to consider a side trip of a reasonable distance to help these systems find a new home.

Amiga 1200 with ACA-1233 accelerator fully populated + an FPU.  Also has CF card installed, PCMCIA Ethernet adapter and Indivision ECS ScanDoubler with DVI output.  Includes mouse, joystick, a stack of 3.5” floppies, A500 PSU (works fine with 1200) and an internal floppy drive (which is not in the case at the moment).  Fully functional system.  Tell me if I’m crazy with where I am numbers wise:

System: $170
Accelerator + FPU: $180
Indivision ECS: $75
+ CF card adapter/CF card/100 3.5” floppies…  Let’s call it $400 for the entire thing which seems like a great deal to me..  Certainly more than I put into them! :)

This system also comes with a stack of Amiga and Commodore assembly and related books.  C64 programmer’s ref is in there too.

TRS-80 Model II

Fully functional, no significant damage anywhere.  Internal Shugart works, includes another Shugart that was known to be working last it was powered up.  Comes with original owners manual in the original binder.  P&T CPM and about 80-100 8” floppies.  The original PSU had failed and has been scrapped.  It has a modern switching PSU in it with a new fan, making it very quiet.  Also includes bare boards for the HANS-01 IDE to TRS80 Model II adapter so you can attach a modern IDE/PATA drive to it.  It’s harder to put a number on this one…  The spare Shugart on its own can be valuable, as can the floppies.  Let’s say something north of $300?

Also comes with a set of P&T CPM manuals.

Just in case anyone would want a non-8-but system, I also have a Quicksilver G4 with OS 9.2 installed and working.  Original keyboard, mouse and 20” cinema display.  The display is bright and clean with no dead pixels.  The Quicksilver case is a bit beat up;  the zip drive is in unknown condition (whines when you put a zip disk in it) and someone swiped the airport card out of it at some point.  Any reasonable offer that doesn’t involve me putting it into a big box and paying UPS to carry it away. :)

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