[vcf-midatlantic] MS-DOS for Hyperion?

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Nov 13 19:05:53 EST 2016

>  > Dynalogic Hyperion was similar to the Compaq luggable. We have a
> couple of them in the warehouse
> This is informative. Apparently the Hyperion preceeded the Compaq
> luggable and may have been "a first PC-compatible luggable", whatever
> "first" means. But the keyword "Dynalogic" was helpful in subsequent Web
> searching. Thanks, Evan. Also thanks in anticipation of whatever turns
> up in the warehouse.

Sigh .... got home from the museum, opened email, saw this thread again, 
and realized I forgot to look for the Hyperion stuff. :(

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