[vcf-midatlantic] update: "modern history" exhibit

Blatboy bboy at blatboy.com
Mon Nov 14 09:49:08 EST 2016

> Here is what we still need:
> - small calendar
> - address book
> - stand-alone radio
> - pocket dictionary
> - directional compass
> - ipod (doesn't have to work -- we have one but we're using it for
> another purpose)
> - roadmap
> - Gameboy
> - photo album
> - credit card (how do we get one with a fake number?)
> - remote control for a TV
> - small portable TV (we may have one in the warehouse, I'm not sure)
> - answering machine
> - thermal-paper fax machine

I definitely have an answering machine.  I am happy to ship it to you (to
InfoAge?) if you like.

What about a PDA? (Palm Pilot) Or, does the "analog" (I would say
"acoustic") calendar and address book convey the point better?  I have a
Palm Pilot I can send too...



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