Digest, Vol 13, Issue 12 Question on VCFed and Lists

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Hi Eugene;
I am a Newbe also, and for what it is worth, I figured I would intro myself 
 to you
and the group.
I am the one working on the EAI TR20 analog computer exhibit, since I  
at EAI from 1978-1985.  I now become(?) the resident expert(?).
We all know the definition of an expert:  amateur away from  home!
I agree that sometimes it feels a little intimidating to know where to put  
/ discuss
stuff in the different forums.  I figure this: put it out there, where  you 
feel appropriate,
and someone will pick it up and start the thread.   I'll start  one 
All you guys....... I need analog math problems to be submitted, so that  
when the 
TR20 is restored, we'll have simulations to run on the computer.
I'll make a list of what computational modules we have so you know what to  
work with,
i.e.  integrators, DFG's, summers, etc. The plan is to have an XY  recorder 
and XY scope
for results output.
As you saw, Evan becomes the safety net and guides us all in the right  
As he self proclaims himself: "chief cat-herder".
Bill Inderrieden
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Hi all, pretty  new to the VCF stuff. Question about the various means of 
communications  available to us. So I see a lot of infoage/camp evans/club 
related discussion  here.  But not a lot of technical q&a.  On the VCFED 
website,  there are various forums. Is that the right/best place for technical  
discussion and this is more for club-related activities? Do I have this  

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