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>     Issue 12 Question on VCFed and Lists
>>> I need analog math problems to be submitted, so that when the TR20 is restored, we'll have simulations to run on the computer. I'll make a list of what computational modules we have so you know what to work with, i.e.  integrators, DFG's, summers, etc. The plan is to have an XY  recorder and XY scope for results output.
> We have some books on the subject. Aren't there also samples in the TR20 documentation?
>>> As you saw, Evan becomes the safety net and guides us all in the right direction. As he self proclaims himself: "chief cat-herder".
> It all started when nobody else was foolish enough. :)

I would suggest starting with some simple equasions you can confirm with a 
calculator and then move to simple quadadratics.

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