[vcf-midatlantic] (Mostly) 68k Macs at Festivus (FTAGH)

David Riley fraveydank at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 19:26:23 EST 2016

(Sorry if this is a duplicate; I wanted to make sure the MX change didn't break things)

Hi all,

As promised, I've catalogued my uncle's old machines that I'm bringing to Festivus. I've removed the ones that are already claimed, everything else is available. All have had batteries removed (some were stored in a garage with them in, as noted, with the usual disastrous effects). Except where noted, most of this is untested, so expect to have to perform some maintenance.

Please let me know ahead of time what you'd like so I can pre-assign recipients. I'd like to see it all go at Festivus.

2x LC 475
1x Performa 400 (LCII)
1x LCII with bad battery corrosion on LB, may be unrecoverable, but RAM, Ethernet card and case/parts seem fine
3x PowerBook AC adaptors
1x PowerBook Duo AC adaptor
1x PowerBook G4 AC adaptor
2x AAUI-10Base2 adaptors
1x PowerBook video adaptor
1x "puck" PowerBook AC adaptor, computer end broken (tip snapped off)

In addition, I think there might be a PM7200 in there, and I have a PM7100/80 (very dirty, unknown condition) coming my way that I should be able to bring.

Please mail me directly with enquiries.

- Dave

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