[vcf-midatlantic] FS: At Festivus

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 19:27:05 EST 2016


I've got a few items I'd like to sell at Festivus. Contact me off-list with interest or for pictures. As follows:

1x IBM 5150 PC: This is the "absolutely first" PC from the Philly pick-up. Turns out it's a common 256K late production PC with the 60-some Watt power supply. Little bit of marker on the front. Has dual FH 5.25" floppies, IBM floppy adapter, 3rd party RAM expansion, and 3rd party MDA/parallel card. $100 OBO. Add XT-IDE rev 3 card with 64 MB DOM for $100. I'll write out a boot disk, and the XT-IDE utils if you like. No monitor/keyboard included.

1x Lawrence Livermore Labs MST-80B trainer *board only*. This is one that came to me without the suitcase. It was apparently a parts donor board, I repopulated it and got it working. Your choice of the "stock" LLL ROMs or the modified code that came with this lot of trainers. Not sure what the different ROMs do, I've dumped them so you can take a look if you'd like. Keypad operation appears identical to stock ROMs in my testing. $100 OBO. I can bring my bench supply for testing.

2x BAFCO Inc. Frequency Response Analzyers. I bought these at auction for the panaplex displays. One uses an IEC cable and I've powered it up, does stuff and appears to analyze the frequency response of a 50R coax jumper :) The other uses a 3-pin adding machine style cable, I haven't powered it up. One has asset management stickers from Comsat Labs. $50 each OBO, asking price is what I think the panaplex displays are worth.

1x HP 1415A Time Domain Reflectometer. Picked up at auction with other test gear. Does "stuff," makes a trace on screen that sort of matches what I'd expect for a time domain reflectometer. No further testing. It does include converters to go from those early high-frequency RF connections (not sure what they're called, I'm used to seeing them on ancient Gen-Rad stuff) to BNC. Make offer.

1x Gen-Rad 1217-B Pulse Generator. Mix of tubes and transistors IIRC, but still makes pulses like this: http://imgur.com/X1KwZ8e I haven't used it in a while, hence the selling. Wouldn't call it fully tested/calibrated, but it does work. $50 OBO.

Might have more depending on what I have time to test this week. PM me if I'm supposed to be bringing something for you, just to make sure I've got it on my list!


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