[vcf-midatlantic] Festivus 2016 Dec 3 & 4 - Equipment, Drinks, Food, Entertainment

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Mon Nov 28 18:47:25 EST 2016

I was thinking hot water would be supplied by the microwave. Otherwise you
would need to bring your own kettle and go outside to the kitchen truck and
do it on the stove top there.

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> Jeffrey Brace;
> Also I'm not sure who the coffee drinkers out there are. We have the
>> filtered kind (Dunkin Donuts) and K-Cups. I will have milk, sugar, cream
>> etc. available.
> Hot water for tea? Coffee is too caffeinated for me. Otherwise I'll use
> the microwave but it's noizy.
> Thanks for linked photos of the cafeteria. Makes it clear now, there's a
> sink, a small microwave, a conventional commercial coffeepot for ground
> coffee, many refrigerators. Possibly a sliced bread toaster on that shelf
> at the end of the refrigerators; a hot water pot on the right shelves.
> For those who stay overnight, it is a blessing and a convenience to make a
> simple breakfast on-site. I'm very thankful to InfoAge (and the state of
> NJ) for this facility.
> Herb
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