[vcf-midatlantic] Museum network

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 13:05:30 EST 2016

> I don't know that we have much data to protect (or target!) but what does the hive-mind here think about it? A firewall is generally good to have; would this one suit us?

All computing resources should be protected, there's no excuse for zero protection nowadays. Even if you think it's a trivial system with no valuable data, it's still got computing power and can become part of a botnet. Some of the recent massive botnet attacks we've seen have come from security cameras, DVRs, and smart fridges, devices usually considered too unimportant by the average person to get a second thought about security.

That said, you're probably better off with a pfSense installation than an old Nokia firewall, it'll be more up-to-date and probably easier to configure and maintain. It runs on generic PC hardware. I don't know if a Nokia firewall/router of that era is generic x86 in a fancy package, but the earlier Nokia IP-440 firewalls were, and could run pfSense.

> It'll tell visitors something interesting is happening inside the room. :)

You've clearly not heard the 1U screamers I'm talking about -- it's a high pitched, extremely annoying and LOUD sound. It penetrated the 4 wythe brick walls that separated our server room from the storage area in front of it. You'll know something is going on, but you won't want to be anywhere around it!


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