[vcf-midatlantic] MIDI Sequencing programs for Windows 3.0/3.1

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Tue Nov 29 22:58:38 EST 2016

> Hello,
> I am looking for  a Midi Sequencing program that will run under Windows 3.0
> or 3.1, looking to use my Roland LAPC-I a bit more, and it's patches do not
> map to general MIDI so I would need something to rearrange the tracks. I
> seem to remember a program called Cakewalk that I had a demo of years ago.
> I was wondering if someone might have something for download or sale.
> Thanks in advance,

Hello Matt!

Cakewalk would indeed be one of the early midi sequencers that should run 
under Windows 3.1.

Quick googling using some sites I've poked at before:
That's crazy, didn't know Cubase made it over to Windows that early!

There might be some links to actual software there. Archive.org is another 
trick to getting back to old versions of stuff -- I'm sure you're aware.

Also, the LAPC-I is a MT32 on ISA card from what I remember. So I would 
highly recommend Lucasarts The Secret of Monkey Island and Sierra Space 
Quest III, and perhaps some Leisure Suit Larry (Al Lowe who wrote LSL is 
actually a saxophonist -- he wrote the theme afaik.)

I think a big sequencer in those days is Voyetra which is DOS. There is a 
Windows version of it also I think, so that might be another option. I 
have a Yamaha C1 laptop that is dead that is meant to run it -- just got 
schematics but haven't been back to that project yet. I downloaded Voyetra 
from the internet but it was kind of a challenge to get installed as it 
really wants you to swap floppies.

I picked up a MT32 not too long ago and it's been pretty cool. Leave it 
hooked into keyboards normally. I think I rebooted Space Quest 3 5 times 
just to hear one of my favorite game themes!

Here is a video of someone killing it using Voyetra Sequencer in MS-DOS -- 
video is 3 years old!! I think it's some sort of 10 minute song writing 
competition. I don't know if the sounds are coming from the midi module on 
the desk or a computer running software synths off screen (he says samples 
so ...) He has a bunch of similar videos with different songs. Kind of 
shows how efficient a PC keyboard can be:


Anyways, if you can't find sequencers on "abandonware" webpages I can dig.

  > > -- 
> Matt Patoray
> Owner, MSP Productions

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