[vcf-midatlantic] MIDI Sequencing programs for Windows 3.0/3.1

Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Wed Nov 30 00:24:01 EST 2016

On Tue, 29 Nov 2016, Ethan via vcf-midatlantic wrote:

>>  Hello,
>>  I am looking for  a Midi Sequencing program that will run under Windows
>>  3.0
>>  or 3.1, looking to use my Roland LAPC-I a bit more, and it's patches do
>>  not
>>  map to general MIDI so I would need something to rearrange the tracks. I
>>  seem to remember a program called Cakewalk that I had a demo of years ago.
>>  I was wondering if someone might have something for download or sale.
>>  Thanks in advance,
> ...
> I think a big sequencer in those days is Voyetra which is DOS. There is a 
> Windows version of it also I think, so that might be another option. I have a 
> Yamaha C1 laptop that is dead that is meant to run it -- just got schematics 
> but haven't been back to that project yet. I downloaded Voyetra from the 
> internet but it was kind of a challenge to get installed as it really wants 
> you to swap floppies.

    I still have my copy of Voyetra's Sequencer Plus Mk. III, which as you 
say runs under DOS 2.0 and higher.  SP3 requires a hardware key which 
plugs into the parallel port.  Back then, I also ran Dr. T's Copyist 
program for notation.

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