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I have no idea how many people this person emailed, but I did get emailed
directly about it so passing it on..

"Stuff" available (as of today for sure) in central NH. See a few pictures
at www.ezwind.net/nh <http://www.ezwind.net/nh>

The person said it includes 2 or 3 systems (altos? PDP? Vax?), and a lot of
documentation and media. Some other documentation is present for other
systems (Honeywell, etc.).

They also said some Prime manuals but not sure I buy that.

Snippets in email I received:

You would not want to see what I have go into the dump. My Dad was a
programmer from day until . His life's work is in my basement.  Includes a
VAX and a Dec PC and an Altos. Also have numerous PDP and PDP material. Many
VAX/VMS manuals, multitude of software and manuals.


We have some PDP=10 and somePDP11 books and manuals. Prime.


Still available. Location Central NH. Come get it or call me via telephone.
Where do you want it shipped and can you pay for freight charge? Want it
gone now as soon as possible. Thank you.


Here are pics of the DEC machines and an Altos. All of the documentation
goes with the computers and some is from other mid-range platforms.  Some
text books as well. I need to sell all of this stuff to an interested buyer.
Moving and can't take it with me.

If you are serious (and able) to get this equipment within a week or two,
then contact me off-list and I'll send an introduction email. Whoever takes
this on should be in the NorthEastern US at least..



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