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There was a place in New Hyde Park or Lake Success - Electronic City. I remember going there with my father for tubes and parts that Radio Shack or Lafayette didn't have. 


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> It was on Hempstead Trnpk in Levittown. My wife grew up right down the
> road, maybe a quarter mile from there.
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>> I remember Edlie's very well. I think it was on old country road or
>> Hempstead turnpike (I was just a kid at the time).  And KRP electronics in
>> Freeport which was a great place too. I think they still exist but have
>> moved.  Aah the good old days.
>> Eugene W2HX
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>>>   You folks in the MD area will be disappointed to hear the
>>> Baynesville Electronics is closing its doors:
>>> http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-county/
>>> towson/ph-tt-baynesville-electronics-closing-1012-20161011-story.html
>>>   I only visited there once, but it's the kind of that we
>>> fixer-uppers needed to have around.
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>> ​I heard about this too, but I haven't seen this interview. I never got a
>> chance to visit there​, sad it see it go. But it reminds me of several ones
>> from back home on Long Island. They were also mom 'n pop stores, been
>> around for decades but they also closed many years ago. One of them was
>> Edlie's Electronics in Levittown if anyone here recalls the 70s and 80s on
>> Long Island. But some of them mysteriously survived there such as Leeds
>> Radio in Brooklyn, since 1923.
>> But I don't think the DIY'er is fading, maybe new TV repairs have. There
>> used to be a TV shop in almost every town.  The past 10+yrs, basically
>> since 2000, the makerspace movement has rejuvenated this DIY'er interest.
>> But just as with Radio Shack not changing/morphing with the times and
>> crippling their store chains, mostly due to corporate blindness, and
>> they're only clinging on to their past still. The mom 'n pop stores felt
>> the biggest brunt if they didn't change as well.
>> I'm not saying it's easy for the mom 'n pop stores to change with the
>> times, it's usually their inherent nature to resist change, it creates a
>> comfort zone. You notice some of them try to split their sales by selling
>> online. Maybe change their inventory to match the trends, as with
>> makerspace. And a common task of advertising can become a burden, where to
>> place Ads has become a circus with this web 2.0+ world. But the "TV repair"
>> and "NTE parts" might be a diehard practice but it's only a small share of
>> the market. [the quotes are only to show typical examples]
>> Changing into a Mail order supplier takes a big change too that demands
>> effort too. Not a small task for a mom 'n pop store, when trying to
>> compete[$$] with a decades long market. New places prop up online all the
>> time and only some survive. I've seen the same issues with the ones back
>> home and here in Pittsburgh.
>> Dan

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