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Wed Oct 19 10:55:17 EDT 2016

Hi All, & specifically: 
Mike Loewen, Dan Roganti, Chris Gioconda, Rich Cini and Jonathan;
I am the newbe in the group and will add my 2 cents concerning
"Old Electro Shops".
If you get up to Needham MA:
You-do-it Electronics Center
Exit 19A off Route 128 in Needham, MA
They seem to be doing well.  Been there, nice place.
Leeds Radio in NY has moved
Leeds Radio 
175 Walnut Avenue
Bronx NY 10454
718 963-1764
_sales at leedsradio.com_ (mailto:sales at
You can also find Leeds on 

And reminiscing......
Atkinson & Smith
in Eatontown, NJ
Went there with my dad when they were right on Rt 35.
Behind front counter was covered in d'Arsonval panel  instruments.
They moved off to a side street and then went out of business
in the 90's.
Some of the civil workers at Ft. Monmouth were hams so 
they all congregated there after work.
You would find me upstairs (all surplus) in the new location every  Saturday
scrounging through the junky gold!
Good Times
Bill Inderrieden
> Mike Loewen <_mloewen at 
(mailto:mloewen at 
> You folks in the MD area will be disappointed to hear the Baynesville  
> Electronics is closing its doors:
> Dan Roganti <_ragooman at gmail.com_ (mailto:ragooman at >
> I heard about this too, but I haven't seen this interview. I never got  a
> chance to visit there​, sad it see it go. But it reminds me of several  
> from back home on Long Island. They were also mom 'n pop stores,  been
> around for decades but they also closed many years ago. One of them  was
> Edlie's Electronics in Levittown if anyone here recalls the 70s and  80s 
> Long Island. But some of them mysteriously survived there such as  Leeds
> Radio in Brooklyn, since 1923.
> But I don't think the DIY'er is fading, maybe new TV repairs have.  There
> used to be a TV shop in almost every town.  The past 10+yrs,  basically
> since 2000, the makerspace movement has rejuvenated this  DIY'er interest.
> But just as with Radio Shack not changing/morphing with  the times and
> crippling their store chains, mostly due to corporate  blindness, and
> they're only clinging on to their past still. The mom 'n  pop stores felt
> the biggest brunt if they didn't change as well.
> I'm not saying it's easy for the mom 'n pop stores to change with  the
> times, it's usually their inherent nature to resist change, it  creates a
> comfort zone. You notice some of them try to split their sales  by selling
> online. Maybe change their inventory to match the trends, as  with
> makerspace. And a common task of advertising can become a burden,  where 
> place Ads has become a circus with this web 2.0+ world. But the  "TV 
> and "NTE parts" might be a diehard practice but it's only a  small share 
> the market. [the quotes are only to show typical  examples]
> Changing into a Mail order supplier takes a big change too that  demands
> effort too. Not a small task for a mom 'n pop store, when trying  to
> compete[$$] with a decades long market. New places prop up online all  the
> time and only some survive. I've seen the same issues with the ones  back
> home and here in Pittsburgh.
> Dan

> Richard Cini          <_rich.cini at verizon.net_ 
(mailto:rich.cini at >
> There was a place in New Hyde Park or Lake Success - Electronic City.  I 
remember going there with my
> father for tubes and parts that Radio Shack or Lafayette didn't  have.
> From Eugene
> I remember Edlie's very well. I think it was on old country road  or 
Hempstead turnpike 
> (I was just a kid at the time).  And KRP electronics in Freeport  which 
was a great place too. 
> I think they still exist but have moved.  Aah the good old  days.

Eugene W2HX

> From Jonathan
> Heard about this from a customer in Cockeysville. My dad's family is  
from White Marsh, I used to go to 
> Baynesville Electronics with my grandparents as a treat -- they often  
had to pick up supplies for the 
> Kingsville and Baltimore fire departments. Pretty much like a kid in a  
candy store!
> I may stop in on my way back from upstate NY tomorrow. Quite a bit out  
of the way, but who knows how 
> long it will take them to get to the point of having enough inventory  
sold that they close.
> For those in upstate NY, I got warning last time I was at Trojan  
Electronics that it was starting to cost
> money to keep the lights on, and the end was probably near.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

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