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> Don't get me wrong, I like Microcenter; it's a lot like Fry's out in
>> Silicon Valley,
>> but smaller. I wish we had one nearer Philadelphia. But it's no
>> replacement for a real
>> electronics store, which is a thing that is rapidly dying out.
> Not sure is useful to you:
> Micro Center
> 550 Lancaster Ave, St Davids, PA 19087
​yea I thought there was on in the Philly neighborhood
I keep checking their website for new locations
I've been bugging them for years to open one in Pittsburgh
There's more locations in Ohio alone than in PA
Since I moved here 15yrs ago, it's become dormant in the electronics retail
The joke here is there's more Bars opened per capita than any other
​Nothing beats having a local store on a wknd when you're short on parts.

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