Baynesville Electronics

Thu Oct 20 22:35:34 EDT 2016

Hi Mike, Dan, and All Still Reminiscing; 
Almost forgot about these guys.  There right in my
virtual back yard and I still order online and wait while
still in a pinch for parts, stupid!
Not a lot of heavy computer stuff, however, when you 
troubleshoot to component level on legacy stuff, 
a resistor is a resistor.
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> Hi All, &  specifically:
> Mike Loewen, Dan Roganti, Chris Gioconda, Rich Cini and  Jonathan;
> I am the newbe in the group and will add my 2 cents  concerning
> "Old Electro Shops".
>If you get up to Needham  MA:
> You-do-it Electronics Center
> Exit 19A off Route 128  in Needham, MA
> They seem to be doing well.  Been there, nice  place.

I  visited there in 2007 on a trip to Boston.  Nice place, and I'm glad 
to  hear it's still there.

Mike Loewen           mloewen at
Old Technology

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