[vcf-midatlantic] Donations requested

Adam Michlin amichlin at swerlin.com
Sat Oct 22 15:51:22 EDT 2016

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, I teach Computer Science at Pope John XXII Regional 
High School in Sparta, NJ. Our program has grown quite a bit in the last 
few years so we have a new, larger room and, as part of the curriculum, 
we have a hands on vintage computer exhibit in our classroom (NOT A 
MUSEUM, Hi Evan!).

We have a bit of over balance of Apple products. Part of this is 
intentional because the students have the option in their third year of 
taking a Computer Security class where the first quarter is half Apple 
6502 Assembly (using Apple IIgs emulators - Merlin 16 - on modern Mac OS 
X machines - the other half is MIPS assembly). Part of this is due to 
Apple's historic dominance in schools over the years and schools just 
about never throwing anything away.

Here is a picture of the classroom exhibit:


So we're trying to diversify and are hoping people might have equipment 
they would be interested in donating (tax write off!). Existing 
computers that need parts:

Commodore Amiga 3000 - Needs keyboard, compatible monitor (LCD or CRT... 
as you can see in the picture we don't worry so much about being authentic)

Atari 130XE - Needs an external floppy disk drive (we have the 6502 
Assembly cartridge.. but we can't save files without a floppy disk drive)

Systems we wish we had:
An IBM/clone PC/AT/286.. Essentially something that could run MS-DOS of 
some sort (3.3 still has a special place in my heart).

A 386 capable of running Windows 3.x

Just about anything Commodore (we have the Amiga, but would love a 64, 
for example), or any other 8 bit brands with the exception of Apple 
(which we wont turn down, but we have a IIe, IIc, IIc+ and IIgs all 
being actively used - yes, we have a permanent Oregon Trail system (the 
IIe) and yes the students love it!).

A bridge mac system... something running System 7 or 8 with working 
superdrive, ethernet and a cdrom. Transferring files to our 800KB floppy 
based Mac IIcx, Mac SE, and Apple IIc+ is next to impossible otherwise.

Older UNIX boxes of just about any type (AT&T, Sun, SGI, etc).

We also have an optional third year video game programming classes 
(C#/XNA), so the students have access to a retro video game station for 


I'll list what we have:
Nintendo NES (RetroDuo.. the SNES half is useless, though), Sega Genesis 
(modern throwback), Atari 130XE, Atari 7800 (which covers the 2600), 
Colecovision (modern throwback). We would certainly love cartridges for 
any of these system (all but the Colecovision are capable of playing 
cartridges, throwback or not).

We would love a SNES, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Intellivision, Sega 
Dreamcast, Sega Master System. If it plays games, we'll take it. :) Oh, 
and a real old school home pong game would be mind blowing!

As we are a non-profit, all donations can be taken as a tax write off, 
and we try to find a way to have all equipment actively used by students.

We can also take a limited amount of equipment needing repair, but do 
have only limited storage space.

Thanks for reading!


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