[vcf-midatlantic] TVs installed!

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Oct 23 15:11:44 EDT 2016

Anthony B. drove down to the museum from Westchester County NY yesterday. We spent all day installing the TVs and wire conduit to hide the cords because we weren't about to dig into the walls.

It turned out great! Anthony had the idea to paint the tops of the mounting hardware white so it blends into the ceiling color.

Here are some pictures.

The TVs are lightweight so the hardware just screws into studs, no lag bolts needed: www.vcfed.org/evan/before.jpg

Before and after painting the posts: www.vcfed.org/evan/after.jpg and www.vcfed.org/evan/drill.jpg

Anthony tried escaping into the attic, but I caught him: www.vcfed.org/evan/attic.jpg

The results: www.vcfed.org/evan/room.jpg and www.vcfed.org/evan/hall.jpg

Next project: content!

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