[vcf-midatlantic] Attic / was: TVs installed!

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Also of note is, since I've been up there

There is no flooring up there. Just open joists and a center walkway built in WWII era.  The walkway felt unsure at some points  due to age (and my not being very slim anymore) 
The ceiling is open to the other building with no door so not very secure. 
The only opening is far down the other end of the hall and a size that limits what can go up there.

The ladder is not something anyone would want to climb often and likely not intended for current occupancy/codes. So I imaging if it was getting more use than an occasional forray up there to locate joists to screw into, it likely would not be something infoage would be happy about. Easy to get hurt since it is straight up with no safety cage at all and you have to go around the lip of the hole at the top. 
Then you have the AC ducting added over the ceiling joists and registers up there  that you have to be careful of damaging

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Yes, that would be a hindrance. Ease of hanging additional signage then?

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> >> If storage is allowed, it would be a convenient place to keep items
> that will rotate on and off display.
> No. That's why we have a warehouse.
> The attic is only accessible through a ladder to a small trap door at the
> other end of the of the building's hallway.

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