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There ARE options for power regulation that aren't terribly expensive. This
is an issue for automobiles where someone has installed a Linux computer
off the cigarette lighter (which is switched on/off by the ignition).

Here is one example, I've seen other fancier ones for more money:


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>> After all the comments, here's how I see this working: connect the Pi (or
>>> any appropriate microcontroller) to the TV via HDMI so we can get power
>>> from the USB port. There aren't outlets in the ceiling/attack and it
>>> would
>>> save us money on cabling. Then use WiFi or Bluetooth to wirelessly
>>> connect
>>> the Pi(s) to our network.
>> ​Then where do you plug in the TV,
>> if there's only a single outlet, couldn't you add a multi outlet adapter,
>> to give you 3 outlets​
>> It's not safe to power off without a shutdown on the RPi, if the TV's usb
>> port shuts off, just as with any Linux system.
>> People do it anyway, when they unplug the adapter on the RPi, but they are
>> just lucky till their SD card get scrogged
>> Dan
> Dan it can be done, if we can setup the SD read only, turn off swap
> and any application that write to the SD (such as syslog). When we
> need to write the SD (for configuration) we can remount the SD as
> write.
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