[vcf-midatlantic] Donations requested

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Mon Oct 24 16:34:54 EDT 2016

> No disagreement from me and I especially appreciate the suggestion of the Zip Drive. Perhaps I should have said "Next to impossible with the current financial situation"!
> The IIcx is currently non-functioning (brand new power supply, so probably needs recapping... not something I'm even remotely qualified to think about doing). The SE is 800K only, the Apple IIc+ is 800K only.
> We do have a Floppy EMU for the SE (and really need to buy a second one for the IIc+... but we have CFFA3000s in the IIe and IIgs, so that's not so much of an issue). The biggest problem, however, is that finding disk images for that vintage mac stuff is a big pain. For example, I would love for the students to be able to play Dark Castle on the SE, but while I can find individual executables, finding a working disk image has been next to impossible. And the bank, i.e. me, has run a bit short at this point so the modern flash solutions will be slow coming. :)
> I do not know of a modern disk editor that supports Mac disk images (I'd love to know if I'm wrong - and we can handle literally any platform). The images on the Apple II series are so plentiful, that, ironically, we rarely have to use a disk editor like CiderPress.
> Best wishes,
>     -Adam

Adam, macintoshgarden.org has all the disk images you could want, including dark castle. I made floppies of it for use in my exhibit at VCF this past April. Also, macgui.com has some the macintosh garden doesn't and vice versa. Pretty much anything you could want, including a fair amount of obscure drivers for hardware etc., especially on macgui.

I can help with all of this as I do it constantly for both Apple II and compact macs. I prefer floppies and hard drives over the disk emulators so mostly use them (sd based floppy Solutions) to make real floppies from images. Also, early versions of disk copy on the compact macs can write prodos 3.5" disks. I e used it to get 3.5" images onto disks for the apple II and iic+.

Contact me off-list about this and I'm gathering a few of the consoles you listed as well. Just finished setting up my retro video Game Center in my family room last week, so I have all my spare/extra consoles listed and in storage waiting for a home or my other consoles to break!!
Got an intellivision ready for you as well.

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