[vcf-midatlantic] TVs installed!

Anthony Becker commodoreuser at verizon.net
Tue Oct 25 12:29:49 EDT 2016

Of course the best solution for power would be mounted outlets added on the ceiling near the TV.  Then you have fwo outlets. One for the TV one for the Pi so you don't have to worry about the Pi powering off with the TV. 

Of course that's a job for an electrician. Not something Evan and I could manage. We did talk about that for future changes. Especially after seeing the TV mounted for security at the deli which had its own outlet on the ceiling. 

Then the conduit can be used for hdmi or USB cable or whatever. 

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The TVs are plugged into extension cords routed through conduit. I suppose we could put small duplex taps there, but we need to minimize anything bulky in public view.

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>> After all the comments, here's how I see this working: connect the Pi
>> any appropriate microcontroller) to the TV via HDMI so we can get
>> from the USB port. There aren't outlets in the ceiling/attack and it
>> save us money on cabling. Then use WiFi or Bluetooth to wirelessly
>> the Pi(s) to our network.
>​Then where do you plug in the TV,
>if there's only a single outlet, couldn't you add a multi outlet
>to give you 3 outlets​
>It's not safe to power off without a shutdown on the RPi, if the TV's
>port shuts off, just as with any Linux system.
>People do it anyway, when they unplug the adapter on the RPi, but they
>just lucky till their SD card get scrogged

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