[vcf-midatlantic] TVs installed!

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 05:44:18 EDT 2016

I know you all hate wireless, but if these have HDMI ports plug in an Amazon Firestick and then use MirrorCast (should work with recent Linux, Windows/10, Android) to send the data stream to the devices.


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> Of course the best solution for power would be mounted outlets added on
> the ceiling near the TV.  Then you have fwo outlets. One for the TV one for
> the Pi so you don't have to worry about the Pi powering off with the TV.
> Of course that's a job for an electrician. Not something Evan and I could
> manage. We did talk about that for future changes. Especially after seeing
> the TV mounted for security at the deli which had its own outlet on the
> ceiling.
> Then the conduit can be used for hdmi or USB cable or whatever.
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> The TVs are plugged into extension cords routed through conduit. I suppose
> we could put small duplex taps there, but we need to minimize anything
> bulky in public view.
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> >> After all the comments, here's how I see this working: connect the Pi
> >(or
> >> any appropriate microcontroller) to the TV via HDMI so we can get
> >power
> >> from the USB port. There aren't outlets in the ceiling/attack and it
> >would
> >> save us money on cabling. Then use WiFi or Bluetooth to wirelessly
> >connect
> >> the Pi(s) to our network.
> >>
> >
> >
> >​Then where do you plug in the TV,
> >if there's only a single outlet, couldn't you add a multi outlet
> >adapter, to give you 3 outlets​ It's not safe to power off without a
> >shutdown on the RPi, if the TV's usb port shuts off, just as with any
> >Linux system.
> >People do it anyway, when they unplug the adapter on the RPi, but they
> >are just lucky till their SD card get scrogged Dan

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