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Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Sep 1 14:42:22 EDT 2016

I also think Dan has been informative, about focusing on the content of 
the museum, rather than the walls and ceiling. I think it's a reasonable 
point, that the many computers and other objects in the museum space, 
provide plenty for the eye to examine and for the mind to consider. And 
of course, for the docents to explain.

My impression of the space, is that it's full of equipment and shiny 
shelves, and is well-lit. My old-man eyes are very busy already, thank 
you. I'll let youngsters give their own impressions.

As for the blandness of the ceiling and walls, Evan; You can't say they 
are bland AND that you need to keep people's eyes off of them AND you 
need to put objects up there (like LCD screens) to give them something 
to see. This is - no offense - contradictory.

you might consider that the white paint covers all the various textures 
and structures on the ceiling; they reduce the contrast. also the white, 
well-reflects light around the room and reduces shadows. Dark paint 
would increase contrast, not reflect light.

The point of the room is not the walls and ceiling, it's the content - I 
think Dan was working hard to make that point.

These things said, it may be of some advantage to change the lighting - 
that is, use other color temperatures of fluorescent tubes or LED 
substitutes, as changing the fixtures is far too expensive for too 
little benefit. It's a subtle consideration, once made only requiring 
dollars and some simple labor. And it's reversible.

It's far simpler to add some posters or other hanging items, than to 
paint. Items hung one day, can be removed and replaced another day. If 
one thing doesn't work, remove it and provide another thing. Items well 
above eye-level will not be examined in detail, that's human-factors. 
Again - the room is full already, with much to see and describe.

Finally: The space is new and simple. It's just been established. the 
contents have just been established. Why not let them run their course, 
gather reactions from the visitors, and from the volunteers who respond 
to the visitors? Then in a few years, revise the space. They may be 
other exhibits to add at that point, other renovations. That seems 
prudent and considered.

That's my response, to a public discussion, about changes to the museum 
exhibit space. What Evan and VCF Inc. do is their choice, and so I would 
not comment in this way except others have done so, presented their 
points. These are mine.

Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson,  New Jersey USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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