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Fri Sep 2 04:25:29 EDT 2016

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> On 09/01/2016 06:04 PM, Jim Scheef via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> > I'm surprised no one has mentioned FidoNet - or was this thread limited to
> Internet email?
> Not too many people still have working FidoNet email accounts. I think that
> the OP asked for oldest working (as in still working) email accounts.
> I'd love to argue mine is still the oldest listed, 1989. I have my own
> reservations as I had a cbnews.att.com, attmail.com and I'm not certain that
> att.com worked in 1989 (sorry 1988 - I was a contractor at the Hadley Rd
> Hotline when I got that email ID).
> Okay I still have a case for the oldest working. My attmail.com just arrived in
> my work mailbox! :-)
> FTW!
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Whilst as I said my sss.co.uk address is sadly gone, and I miss it, my posts to the VMSHARE conference are still there 


so I must have had some sort of net access in 1989


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