[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report + new shelves installed

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Sounds nice!

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I went to the museum today. Only a few visitors, but they were very interested in our displays so it was good. One person who's in NJARC said he worked for DEC. The other group was a family; the father was 49 and seemed ecstatic showing his teenage daughter the computer culture of his own childhood.

Steve A. came by at 5pm. We made a plan to install wooden shelves in the modern history exhibit, which was left unfinished when we all ran out of time before VCF East XI followed by my leg surgery, etc.

We went to Home Depot. They cut the wood to our specs -- 48x16 for the bottom shelf, then 48x14, 48x12, and 48x10 going up the wall. We also reduced the height between shelves -- 15 inches above the lowest shelf, then 13, then 11. The staggered depths/heights create a nice effect for the display overall.

I'll be back at the museum on Friday. Dean and I are going to continue working on the exhibit. We paint the sides and bottoms of the shelves (and the brackets) green, same as the wall. We will paint the shelf tops white to highlight the artifacts.

Many of the artifacts are small. When the shelves are complete, we will install plexi in front of the display so visitors cannot touch it.

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