[vcf-midatlantic] Shirt color - early results!!

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>> Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic writes: > > >I erred with the
>survery closing time: it closed sometime between 2am > >and  7am today.
>Sorry about that. SurveyMonkey doesn't let me re-open > >it, but=3D
>...... > > > >....Black wins in a landslide! > > > >Black - 29 votes
>Ectoplasm - 17 votes White - 7 votes (including mine) > > WTF is
>Ectoplasm? > > 
>=E2=80=8BEctoplasm =3D [Battery] Acid Damage=E2=80=8B 
>It's properly called "Puke Green", it's ghastly!  I have one Polo from a
>fo= rmer employer in that color.  It's going into the clothing donation
>box. :) 

OK.  I refuse wear any collared shirts and, ex post Department of Defense, I
refuse to cover any part of my body in green of any ANY shade save, perhaps,
on St. Patrick's day; albeit, I'd probably wear my black Guinness shirt that

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