[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report -- different than usual

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Sep 11 23:53:08 EDT 2016

I was at the museum Friday, Saturday, and today. Dean helped on Friday and Jeff B. helped yesterday/today.

Dean picked up our new Univac display case and delivered it to the museum. It's the first truly * new * display case we ever bought. We always got used cases. The new one is 6 feet tall and has glass sides, glass front, adjustable glass shelves, halogen lights for each shelf, botton locking storage, and locking doors. It's one of the first things you see upon entering the museum.

Dean and I also painted shelves for the modern history exhibit. Corey visited to measure for a clear plastic cover to put in front of the shelves.

Jeff and I painted the 5-ft.-wide aisle around the exhibits. We used a different shade of gray than the rest of the floor. We did NO prep work :) because it only needs to last a few months until we can acquire something better. Regardless, its a big improvement vs. the old paint which was full of scuffs and spots that didn't come out by any cleaning methods. We are considering rubber garage-style flooring for the future. This is only for the aisles, not the whole room.

We also touched up the shelves from Friday, installed an outdoor lockbox in a discrete location for museum docents, and showed our exhibits to visitors. InfoAge hosted a Fort Monmouth reunion so there were many people around.

Meanwhile, some of InfoAge's Halloween volunteers helped me build a black backdrop for the display case, because the rear is also glass and we don't want visitors to see what is behind it. That needs some refinement which I'll do Saturday at the workshop.

Jeff and I also did a bunch of other general clean-up tasks and discussed other museum improvements, such as where to put TVs on the walls, how to decorate various empty walls, and what content to put in slides / videos for the TVs / Android kiosks.

We did not get to any warehouse work, but it was miserable weather for that anyhow.

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