[vcf-midatlantic] Update -- Workshop -- sleeping change

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue Sep 13 16:22:58 EDT 2016

I talked to the person in charge of that area just now.

They supply beds, showers, HVAC, TV/wifi, and a kitchen. There's even a 
ping-pong table.

We bring everything else. Sheets, pillows, blankets, or whatever you 
want. But no more need for air mattresses, cots, etc. :)

I'm going to bring a sleeping bag, that way I don't need a separate 
sheet or blanket.

The building locks. There is a lockbox on the door. They're going to 
give Jeff B. and I the combination.

There is only one time restriction: we must be out and FULLY CLEANED UP 
by 3pm Sunday, because there's a group of 25 Sandy volunteers arriving 
soon after us. I gave them my word that we'll leave on-time and the room 
will be as clean or cleaner than we found it.

You know how we drive through the main gate and turn left? It's in that 
building directly in front where we turn (but I'm not sure if we have to 
go outside to enter/exit or if we can walk down the hallway.)

We park where we always do.

Those who are NOT staying over will pay the usual $10. Those who ARE 
staying over will pay $25. It all goes to InfoAge, although the latter 
portion will first go through the Sandy group, due to accounting stuff. 
At some point I just nod rather than asking more questions. ;)

They now have us on the calendar for this Saturday night and for 
Saturday December 3, re: Festivus.

We are not yet discussing VCF East. They and InfoAge want to see how it 
goes before committing to have a large group stay there. We're the first 
non-Sandy people to stay there, so this is an experiment on InfoAge's 
part and ours too.

One tiny caveat: they're requiring everyone to sign a liability / 
emergency contact form.

Nobody can 'choose' to still stay in the museum or anyplace else on 
campus. It is strictly forbidden, as of now. The larger and more 
successful InfoAge becomes, the more everything has to be up to code, 
and the code doesn't include sleeping in places that aren't approved for it.

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