[vcf-midatlantic] OT: tech support please

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue Sep 13 17:19:06 EDT 2016

Girlfriend's computer is 15 years old, so I installed a brand new mobo, 
processor, RAM, and SSD. Only old parts are the case, power supply, and 
DVD. I triple-checked that all the mobo connectors are in the right 
places and enabled all SATA ports in the BIOS.

First I tried booting with a live DVD to install Mint on her new SSD. I 
used a cheap IDE-SATA adapter to connect the DVD to her mobo -- the same 
adapter works fine on my computer. Doesn't work on hers. I get a message 
saying to insert boot media, the drive seeks, but it keeps returning to 
that message. I know the DVD that I burned is a good one. Checked the 
BIOS: it doesn't see the DVD at all.

Then I tried it with a bootable USB stick. Nothing happens.

Here's the really weird part. I disconnected the new SSD and put in her 
old HDD, which is also SATA, and I hear it spin up like it's booting 
normally (has Mint 18 on it), but I get nothing but a blank screen after 
the boot options menu. It * should * start right up like before.

I'm stumped.

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