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> > We have exhibited twice already with Commodore 1702monitors. It gets
> really
> > difficult to haul around and maintain 9 working 1702 monitors. We had to
> > use 1x 1902 and 8x 1702 last time because we couldn't borrow a 1702 from
> > someone else. We want to change it up and make it easier to exhibit. The
> > first time we used 1702/C64/1541 combination. The second time we replaced
> > the 1541 with uIEC SD cards. Now we will replace the 1702 with LCD. And
> > perhaps I will do C64c instead of original C64 breadbin. We are working
> on
> > getting more LCD and c64c.
> >
> And, let’s not forget that eventually, those CRTs in the 1702 monitors
> will fail.  Finding a replacement will be extremely difficult.  It’s a good
> idea to find a way to use current technology that can serve as a
> replacement.
I get it that you want to exhibit these, but the other 364 days a year you
should have a server set up running VICE to allow anyone to log in and
use/test/debug remotely from a networked C64, without needing to have
obviously difficult to support vintage hardware up and running all of the
time.  My 15 cents (inflation).


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