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> I get it that you want to exhibit these, but the other 364 days a year you
> should have a server set up running VICE to allow anyone to log in and
> use/test/debug remotely from a networked C64, without needing to have
> obviously difficult to support vintage hardware up and running all of the
> time.  My 15 cents (inflation).
Yes, this was only meant for exhibits.
​I already do all of my coding, both the game code and network code​, using
9x instances of VICE running on my desktop. The inherent network support of
VICE supports networking as if there were Live hardware setup of 9x C64's
connected via Ethernet on a network switch.
Besides some of the faults with
​ using​
VICE, it's the only practical method to code,test,debug a large networking

This is one of the recent updates back in May,
​where I complete
another networking milestone​.
​ ​
This is the first time a network of C64's, or any 8bitter, can fly a
missile in coordination across all 8x player screens and back around to the
​ I feel rather proud to get this done. I hope to adapt this to other uses,
and then in the future, get this ported to other platforms.
This is the video http://www.rogtronics.net/blog/?p=720

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