[vcf-midatlantic] C64 CRT monitors vs LCD (was: PC speakers needed)

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Fri Sep 16 11:39:24 EDT 2016

1) I changed the subject line to match the discussion. I think that's a 
good policy to follow.

2) It's reasonable to use LCD's over CRT monitors for many reasons; of 
course it's good to show original equipment as well. But eight CRT's are 
a tough exhibition to "mount", physically and because of failures. Eight 
LCD's makes more sense - I can make that case if necessary, essentially 
CRT's are a pain in the a**. This has been discussed, and I agree with 
the considerations noted.

3) Dan Roganti and colleague's work on multiplayer C64 development is of 
value, and is exhibited annually now at VCF-East. Thus local warehousing 
of several LCD displays at once for that event, is a good thing. One can 
argue for additional LCD's for other exhibitors, that's a policy issue. 
But stock of them for museum use is reasonable and of course a stock 

3) There are still old, small, analog TV LCD monitors available in 
thrift stores and garage sales. I don't think they will be available 
much longer - they don't sell, they sell cheap, there's no more analog 
broadcasts TV to receive, small is out of vogue - and so on. My point - 
soon these old LCD TV's won't be available as used/donated. The well 
will run dry.

Therefore: If VCF Inc is going to gather these monitors cheaply, now is 
the time to do that. To do that in a consistent way, means determining 
some criteria - size of screen is first, perhaps other features are 
important, maybe even brands/models desired or to be avoided. And: if 
exhibitors are to be supported, others (those exhibitors in particular) 
may wish to make contributions of LCD monitors or $$$ accordingly.

Bottom line: there's no point in moving and operating dozens of large, 
heavy CRT monitors at exhibits and events, when a stock of small LCD 
TV's can be acquired now - used, cheap - and put to use locally. They 
won't be available used for much longer, a selection can still be made 
not but not later - if so desired. Support can be asked, of those who 
benefit - exhibitors and their audience. That's my point.


Herbert R. Johnson,  New Jersey USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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