[vcf-midatlantic] C64 CRT monitors vs LCD (was: PC speakers needed)

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> 1) I changed the subject line to match the discussion. I think that's a
> good policy to follow.
> 2) It's reasonable to use LCD's over CRT monitors for many reasons; of
> course it's good to show original equipment as well. But eight CRT's are a
> tough exhibition to "mount", physically and because of failures. Eight
> LCD's makes more sense - I can make that case if necessary, essentially
> CRT's are a pain in the a**. This has been discussed, and I agree with the
> considerations noted.
> 3) Dan Roganti and colleague's work on multiplayer C64 development is of
> value, and is exhibited annually now at VCF-East. Thus local warehousing of
> several LCD displays at once for that event, is a good thing. One can argue
> for additional LCD's for other exhibitors, that's a policy issue. But stock
> of them for museum use is reasonable and of course a stock exists.
> 3) There are still old, small, analog TV LCD monitors available in thrift
> stores and garage sales. I don't think they will be available much longer -
> they don't sell, they sell cheap, there's no more analog broadcasts TV to
> receive, small is out of vogue - and so on. My point - soon these old LCD
> TV's won't be available as used/donated. The well will run dry.

​I easily find these square
very ​cheap at the local Goodwill ComputerWorks
​ store here in Pittsburgh. It's basically the BestBuy of used hardware -
but smaller of course -
not some warehouse dump with hardware littered on pallets
. There's only a few of these stores around the country, but I think they
should keep expanding to more cities. They do a very good job of testing
everything and they offer some warranty too. They stock a wide range of
hardware to complete systems on any platform. The prices are very
reasonable too. The supplies are very consistent because they are supported
by our local companies who rotate their business equipment with new
hardware and donate the surplus to them. And this goes to a worthy cause. ​
​Prices are very low for these
​ ​
​much lower than their widescreen monitors, ​
about $40-$60
on the size, and they range up to 19". ​
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