[vcf-midatlantic] Museum updates

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue Sep 20 00:01:21 EDT 2016

Some neat things happened in the museum during this past weekend's workshop.

The sign from Tekserve arrived: http://vcfed.org/evan/teksign.jpg.

New-ish member Bill I. brought in a vintage rack-mounted plotter to use 
with our EAI TR-20 analog computer. We hunted around InfoAge's storage 
buildings and found the PERFECT rack to use for this: it's got a blue 
chassis frame and shelves (same shade as the TR-20 itself) and a silver 
door frame (same as the plotter). It was already pretty clean; a simple 
wipe-down with Windex and paper towels removed the rest. And it's got a 
magnetic door latch with a standard locking mechanism. Other than 
lacking caster wheels, which we can add later, there couldn't be a 
better choice. Pure luck that IA happened to have this rack in a readily 
available spot and nobody else needed it.

Here's a picture: http://vcfed.org/evan/tr20rack.jpg.

We positioned it in the museum between George (the 1958 Philbrick 
computer) and the IBM 1130. Ignore the wire shelving rack to the left of 
it; that was temporary.

Bottom of the rack will be used to store TR-20 documents and accessories.

We also put some cinder blocks on the bottom of the rack for safety.

We acquired the 2.4 cubic ft. mini-fridge funded by a club member who 
requested anonymity. We also bought two 32" LED TVs. One will go on our 
hallway wall and the other will hang from our ceiling to greet visitors.

We adopted a second rack, this time a modern one with a Compaq logo on 
front, which will go into the museum workshop area -- mini fridge on 
bottom :) and storage or servers on top! But we're going to change it 
out for a different one that has side panels (this one didn't). Martin 
from OMARC is providing the replacement which is an HP rack with a 
nice-looking mesh door.

Corey brought in plexi and the special drill bit. We installed this in 
front of the shelves for the modern history exhibit using temporary 
screws because the right ones we're handy. Jeff J. brought us the right 
screws. We'll swap them soon.

The electrician stopped by again to take another look at our circuit and 
lighting needs.

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