[vcf-midatlantic] Workshop -- Univac Status / Progress

Bill Dromgoole drummy at comcast.net
Tue Sep 20 02:00:01 EDT 2016

The 1532 is well on its way to being an I/O console again.
Installed new capstan for the reader and have the paper tape punch almost fully working.
The main problem is the punched index holes have hanging chads.

I changed the paper tape roll between tests because the tape kept breaking between the reel and the first roller.
I change the half twist in the tape to the other direction and think that is what actually stopped the tape from breaking.
Not 100% sure.
The tape being used in the video was punched by copying another piece of tape we had at the museum.
The text printed on the teletype looks like Z80 assembly code.

In this video the Univac 1532 input / output console is reading a paper tape while simultaneously copying the contents to the teletype and punching another paper tape.

Tried to open 1219 power supply drawer for inspection but could not.
Look like the bottom of drawer is being squeezed by the pallet.
I think I convinced Evan we need to make a custom pallet that extends two feet or so in front of computer using 3/4" plywood and 4"x 4" rails.
He seemed  excited about the possibility to move the Univac items closer together with custom pallets.
We will also bolt the computer to the pallet to prevent tipping over when opening the upper drawers.

Also installed new 1219 nameplate grill and air filter. Still needs small grill but the computer in the warehouse has one.
Looked for desk for teletype mounting but the one we need is smaller than normal and only has drawers on the left side.
Keeping  an eye out for one.

We are currently working on building an RS-232 interface to the NTDS slow interface (Mil-Std 1397) so we can fully test the 1532 console from its I/O connectors.
We could possibly use it for some testing with the Univac 1219 also after it is powered up.
We spoke to the electrician and made plans for a 220 volt power jack near the 1219 and 1532 .
There is room there also for our three phase 400 Hz motor/generator set.
We completed all the cable assemblies needed to power the 1219 computer including a local on/off switch and current monitoring capabilities.
The 400 Hz generator was load tested at one of our previous workshops and seems to be fully operational.
Hopefully we will apply power to the computer at one of the workshops this winter.

Bill Dromgoole

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