[vcf-midatlantic] Mad science experiment

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Mon Sep 26 12:11:25 EDT 2016

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> You'll poke your eye out! ;)
> On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 12:49 AM, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic <
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> > Tonight's insanity: Lego drone programmed in Logo.
> >
> > Someone (presently) sell an expensive Lego drone kit, controlled by a
> > phone app, using a mixture of Legos and custom parts.
> >
> > Why not do the same on an Apple //e using only 1980s Lego parts and Logo?
> >
> > This will be incredible if I can get it working for World Maker Faire
> next
> > weekend. I am focusing hard on a lightweight and efficient design.
> >
​ok, I know it's not April Fool's yet.
And from what I heard on the grapevine you are serious about this.
While the Lego Drone is a cool idea
this is apparently a foolish​

​attempt​ if precautions are not taken.

There are some hazards in this waiting for an accident to happen. You're
not supposed to fly that stuff in the middle of a public crowd, beside some
little exhibit table. Liability issues demand only fenced off areas are
permitted to fly anything electric. Even larger areas for gas engines.

And then you have exposed blades which still hurt a kid, maybe not enough
to cut you but still cause some harm in the wrong place, like your eyes. If
you remember the other exhibits which demoed flying kits, they only fly in
those fenced off areas.

Since you're outside this year, you could probably get away with a chicken
wire fenced cage big enough to fly a few feet. Something where it doesn't
poke their eye out.
Think twice before going ahead with this.

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