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Thu Apr 6 02:00:50 EDT 2017

Evan and Dean thank you for your acknowledgement and appreciation. Like you
Evan, I spent a lot of time planning before VCF and many hours during VCF
planning, managing, schlepping, putting out fires. Most people will never
know all the behind the scenes work and issues that arise. Both Evan and I
sacrifice lots of personal time and money (from taking days off work) to
put on this show. It is a labor of love to support this community and what
we believe. Enjoying the hobby of vintage computers as well as educating
about the history to all ages.

Evan, I agree that our team is great! The more hands we have, the faster
the work goes. We managed to get the show moved out of the tents into the
9010-D. We managed to have great attendance on a pouring rainy day. We
managed to record all the classes and keynotes, which has never been done
before. So improvements in many areas, a few mistakes and lessons learned
to improve for next year.

I also appreciate Tony sending his workers to help us out Wednesday and
Thursday. Without them, we would have spend many additional hours setting
up. Wednesday in particular is the hardest day because so few volunteers
are available.

I send out many thanks to all who helped out Thursday, Friday, Saturday and
Sunday. Without this help it would have been so much more difficult and the
quality of the show would have suffered. Besides all the names that Evan
mentioned, I would like to add Dan Roganti, David Riley, Jeremy Cohen, Alex
Dubowski, Mouse, Ian, Connor. There are many others who helped along the
way and I thank them as well.

Now it is time to get back to life, take a rest and regroup.

On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 2:45 AM, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic <
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> Hey everyone.
> I wanted to send this email Monday morning. Been crazy busy catching up on
> work and sleep!
> Many people in our group and from the InfoAge community commented that I
> seemed more relaxed at this year's VCF East than every other year.
> There are three words to explain the reasons.
> The first word is "team". More than ever, there were a ton of insanely
> helpful people doing event tasks these past few weeks and at the show
> itself. With advance apologies to anyone I forget, and in no particular
> order: some of the most helpful people immediately preceding the show were
> Corey (who's responsible for every penny of our business matters), Tony
> (and his employees) for doing a ton of physical labor, Bill Dudley, Adam,
> Jeff Galinat, Dean/Drew, Dave R., Dan, Bill W., Bill I., Bill Degnan,
> Henry, Amy, Ann, Jeff J., Don, and Martin; our gatekeeper Victor; InfoAge's
> support team of Patrick, Gloria, Jim, Dawn, Ben, Derek, and Elaine; and
> Garden State Central Model RR Club's Steve, Jimmy, Bob, etc.
> That leads to the other two words: Jeff Brace.
> Anyone with even a limited view inside VCF operations can see that Brace
> was "helpfulest" person of all. Our board smartly determined that Jeff's
> attention to detail and openness to hard work were the perfect balance to
> my hundred-mile-an-hour brain. They gave Jeff the role of project manager,
> which left me free to focus on my strengths (summarized as "public stuff":
> marketing, finding keynoters/presenters/sponsors, recruiting exhibitors,
> making a good layout, social media, interacting with other organizations,
> PR, museum improvements, etc.) .... however Jeff did more behind-the-scenes
> work before, during, and after the event than most of you will ever know.
> As I explained to many people last weekend: my job is to say, "Let's all go
> thataway!", and if the board approves the direction/funding then Jeff's job
> is to plan all the details for HOW to go that way. He's been our unsung
> hero.
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