[vcf-midatlantic] iMac G4 ("iLamp") free to a good home

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Apr 6 21:48:19 EDT 2017

> Just joined this list after the show.  Nice to meet many of you.

Welcome Adam!

Everyone else: Adam's a good guy. I've known him for several years and 
he exhibited at the last (two or three?) VCF East shows.

> Isn't “future collectibles” by definition a relative term?  Some of us are already collecting PowerPC iMacs and other devices of that era.

People collect all kinds of stuff that isn't yet vintage.

> Picking the cutoff point as to what is truly vintage is really arbitrary

Way to begin your list tenure by opening a barrel of worms. :)

Bill Dudley's point was simply: it is wise for VCFed to collect things 
that we think will eventually be vintage, not just things that already 
are vintage. Thus, a lamp-Mac belongs in our collection. It may * 
already * be "vintage" because it became historic from Day One of its 
existence. Others can debate that :) but part of my job is to decide 
what belongs in the collection, and my decision is made...

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