[vcf-midatlantic] Eliminating flicker

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Apr 9 04:13:10 EDT 2017

> Dan showed me how to change my program to not flicker (constantly redraw
> the joystick plot) by having it always check the state of where it just
> was before plotting.
> Now the plot moves around the screen and looks MUCH better.

If anyone's still reading ... I also changed the target point to white 
so it is easier to see/differentiate vs. the joystick point, and I added 
a line that re-generates the "random" number is R=19 or 20 because one 
time I played and it automatically jumped the "you won" screen ... I 
realized if the number is 19 or 20 then it could conflict with the 
default centered status of the joystick and you don't get the chance to 

So, this stage of the game is mostly finished.

Next I have to work on making the sprite (robot status indicator) into 
something more than just a single point. Dan gave me some tips for that.

Then I'll add more obstacles. Some of them will cost you points. Some of 
them will give you points. One of them finds the kitten...

The hardest part -- maybe easy on paper, not so much in reality -- will 
be merging in the Lego robot code. and figuring out how much real-life 
robot movement to equate to on-screen sprite movement.

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