[vcf-midatlantic] more vcf e 12 photos uploaded

David Riley fraveydank at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 10:47:53 EDT 2017

I've sorted through my photos and picked out the best condition ones; I was still getting used to my new camera, and it's a bit more picky about focus and depth of field than the old one, so some things are a bit fuzzier than they ought to be.  Still, I got most people and exhibits.

These are so far unedited from what came straight off the camera; there are a number that are off angle, backlit, etc.  I'll be cleaning up the best ones for later posting and have the RAW versions if anyone wants them.

http://oscar.the-rileys.net/VCF%20East%20XII%20Photos/ (individual, unsorted)
http://oscar.the-rileys.net/VCF%20East%20XII%20Photos.7z (all of them)

- Dave

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