[vcf-midatlantic] A 1986 bulletin board system has brought the old Web back to life in 2017

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My first modem was a 300 baud acoustic coupler I built from a kit. Memory is hazy, but I think it was a kit from a company called 'micromint' I think they had a store somewhere in long island where I went to pick it up, but I was a kid with my father driving so who can remember such things.

I dialed into every bbs I could get my hands on. My parent's phone bill went through the roof! Especially from those long distance calls! ouch!

Through older friends and family, I also had access to some computer (harris? Vulcan operating system?) from stonybrook (or one of the suny school) and a machine at the university of texas (don't recall the details). I even was able to gain access to the long island online library system. I went to my local library and saw a terminal there. Taped onto the terminal was a phone number. I don't even think they used passwords back then. I think I pressed "enter" when the login prompt appeared and I was in. I could tell you for any given book, what library had it and what shelf it was on! That knowledge and a $1.00 could get you a ride on the subway system (back then) and not much more.

Eugene W2HX

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Duh.. we all know a 'real' bbs is a PC based board, preferably Wildcat, USR 14.4 multi-line, and with tons of warez! All the 8-bit weenies with their slow 2400s can suck it! Real boards don't allow C=, Atari, or
Trash-80 losers! 

If you can't play TradeWars2002, it's not worth dialing in! 


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> I would ask what we all consider a "real" bbs, then, ...
> Jim

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