[vcf-midatlantic] Great vintage computer article.

Douglas Crawford touchetek at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 05:29:12 EDT 2017

> I don't think the article pretends it never happened, it was not an article about the history of ALL computing since ENIAC.
> From the first paragraph of the article:
> "Today, we look back the classic era of home computing that existed alongside the dreariness of business computing and the heart-pounding noise and colour of the arcades"
> It clearly sets the context in the first sentence and then pretty much stays on focus throughout. However, I agree with Dan it's more about vintage computers as relates to gaming than computers in general.
> Tony


I thought it was a very thoughtful reflection on the 80s experience.
Yes a good bit about games, but that was a big part of that experience, 
But also there is a lot written in there on the machines, specs, 
capabilities that all played into the charm of the times.
Some musings on demo scene, music, BBS, the publications too.
The guy pretty much nailed it.


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