[vcf-midatlantic] Great vintage computer article.

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 16:13:27 EDT 2017

> Reminds me of Stardock CEO Brad Wardell telling me that when in 1993 they
> released the then OS/2 only based game Galactic Civilization and it not
> only sold a large number of copies but got a lot of people to buy IBM's
> OS/2 Warp operating system to play it. Enough to get IBM's attention.  IBM
> then paid several game companies to port games to OS/2 to tap the pc game
> market. IBM never followed through and cancelled or just never released any
> of the games they contracted for. They just flat out gave up. All OS/2
> users got at the time was a beta version of Doom that somehow leaked out.
> Not much of a big deal as it was the same as the native DOS version which
> also played already on OS/2's DOS box. Stardock released a few minor games
> on OS/2 then they moved to Microsoft.
> Mark

Taking this thread to a new rail...DEC's Rainbow had a lot of sames ported
there, does anyone have any?  I have a few InfoCom games that they ported
to the Rainbow, but my Rainbow at the moment does not work.  Spending more
time to get VENIX disks running first, that to me is more important.
Working with a guy in Colorado who has a working system.

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