[vcf-midatlantic] 6503 in PAiA Synth Controller!

Douglas Crawford touchetek at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 12:23:44 EDT 2017

Music Synthesis led me into microprocessors in the late 70s.
Around the time I built an Elf for synth control (an unrealized dream 
eclipsed by college then by the C64 then by Midi )
I was buying bits and pieces from PAiA and inspired by their designer
John Simonton and contributor Craig Anderton.

At that time they were offering a microprocessor controller add-on, very 
much like a trainer, for their modular synth rigs and selling bits of 
software for doing effects and controlling keyboards actions like
portamento and the like.

My recollection was that these were 6800 systems just like on the
small cardboard boxed Heathkit 6800 trainer. My recollection was off.
I just ran across 1978 PAiA catalog to find it was a 6502 variant
with membrane keys instead of switches.


The controller is on the cover page and detailed on page 11.
The whole catalog is a hoot of hobby electronic music equipment
of the era.

A short article on PAiA is here for orientation of folks not
familiar with PAiA.

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