[vcf-midatlantic] May 6/7 Volunteer Day / Workshop Shop Weekend

Jeffrey Brace ark72axow at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 15:22:59 EDT 2017

We are having another workshop weekend. This time with a twist.

May 6 we are looking for volunteers to work for 3 hours from 10am to 1pm.
This will be hard work of clearing weeds from behind the warehouse, fixing
the field ruined from VCF East, removing plywood from the warehouse
windows, etc. Anyone is certainly welcome to work beyond the 3 hours, but 3
hours is the minimum we are asking. Evan, Corey and I will be assigning
volunteers to specific tasks for this event. This will help our group and
InfoAge as a whole.

In exchange for this volunteer work VCF will buy volunteers lunch, waive
the workshop fee for the weekend and give two t-shirts (VCF West XI and VCF
East XII).

Understand that this is serious work and we need serous workers who are not
there just to socialize. There are showers in 9010-D that one can use to
clean up afterwards.

After the volunteer work, then the workshop begins. We will be starting
around 1:30pm on Saturday May 6 and going through Sunday until around 5 or

We will be having the workshop in 9010-D which is where we had Festivus. It
will be in the cafeteria and the game room.

If you are interested in volunteering, then please contact me directly and
I will add you to the list of volunteers.

If you are just coming to the workshop, then the usual workshop rules
apply. I will send out that info later.

Jeff Brace - ark72axow at gmail.com
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