[vcf-midatlantic] Bad disks

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 09:39:47 EDT 2017

> If you can't trust never-opened disks to be good, then how do you 
> acquire disks?

As everyone else has already mentioned, it comes down to brand quality and storage conditions. Some brands, like Wabash, are guaranteed to be garbage out of NOS shrinkwrapped boxes.

I've personally had good luck with Verbatim, 3M, Memorex, and BASF. Later Kodak, Wabash, and Tandy/Rat Shack branded stuff tends to be garbage. Often a "Free Disk Inside!" is a good indication it's late production/lower quality.

> Is there any good software to repair the errors?

Just throw them away, they're not rare enough to warrant working with flaky media. And, clean the heads afterwards, it's probably crap on the disk surface or oxide shedding.

> http://www.athana.com/html/diskette.html
> They haven't failed me as of yet, but I did have to buy a significant 
> amount (I think maybe 10 boxes). I have no recollection as to what I 
> paid for them, though.

Athana is good stuff, you pay for the quality but the media has a real warranty on it. I purchased some of their 5.25" hard sectored disks a number of years ago, and have acquired indirectly 8" single-sided media. Very solid.

I've still got quite a lot of bulk bag Verbatim 5.25" DSDD media if anyone needs a few guaranteed good disks. I'd been selling them for $7.50/ten.


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